The Science of Cold

The Science of Cold
Posted on 01/24/2020
This is the image for the news article titled The Science of Cold Students in Ms. Barnett's 6th period science class got a very cool (pun intended) experiment this afternoon!

Today, they got to see what happens to various object when you submerge them in liquid nitrogen. Breaking news....they break! The extreme cold temperature slows the object's particles down making the space between the particles vanish. This then allows the object to shatter when force is applied. Students put this to the test by smashing frozen strawberries and a tennis ball.

Ms. Barnett also demonstrated how when metal and dry ice touch they create a whistling sound. This is because the metal surface is so much warmer than the dry ice that the dry ice turns to gas. Some of that gas is momentarily trapped between the two surfaces and, when released through a small hole, creates the whistling sound.

Thank you Ms. Barnett for showing us the Science of Cold and that science is cool!